WF 9245-75
High quality machine suitable to sew furniture and upholstery. This machine has a 75 cm space between needle and frame. Large hook. The machine is delivered with extra heavy stand on wheels and table top (no motor).


Motor Set

External synchroniser SY0129 (600-29), G 60 Servomotor (optional: external synchroniser G series), i60-4-GL-220, MT0160 – 600 Watt mini motor, No Motor Set, Pulley

Option for i60-4-GL-220

pneumatic presser foot lifter WF 1335, 9245, ZZ 1266, Pneumatic backtack WF 1335, 9245, Set PFL + BT WF 1335, 9245, Switch manual back tack with bracket, Operator panel C200 (OP0405)