WF 3955 (-45) series

WF 3955 DD
– Single needle, lockstitch machine with needle feed and walking foot for smooth sewing of canvas and leather.
Machine is equipped with large horizontal axis hook.
WF 3955 AUT
– Same as WF 3955 DD, but with thread trimmer deivce, presser foot lifter and electric back tack.
WF 3955-45 AUT
– Same as WF 3955 AUT, but with 45 cm working space. This machine is standard equipped with presser foot lifter (electric).

Table Top

No Table Top, Table grey C 350 AUT (120x55x4 cm), Table Top D 105x55x4 cm


No Stand, Stand C (China), Stand K (912 mm), Stand K short (667 mm), Stand Z