WF 1570 LH series

WF 1570 LH Series

WF 1575 LH
– Single needle, cylinder arm, walking foot machine with a 6 mm stitch length and alternating foot stroke
adjustment by dial. The machine is equipped with large vertical axis hook and is suitable to sew medium
heavy leather. Manual lubrication.
WF 1575 B-LH
– Same as WF 1575 LH, but equipped for binding work (binder not included).
WF 1575 LH-AUT
Same as WF 1575 LH, but equipped with electric thread trimmer, pneumatic back tack and pneumatic presser foot lifter.
WF 1576 LH
– Same as WF 1575 LH, however double needle with a standard needle gauge of 8 mm.