VB 1010 complete

VB 1010

Two needle lockstitch machine driven by Mitsubishi-VINCO, direct drive PLK-G, shuttle hook and thread trimmer. This machine is modified to make it suitable for the shoe production industry. The double colour device (i.e. DCT – Double Colour Technology), patented by VINCO, allows to stitch with 2 threads of different colours / thickness in one single sewing cycle. Thanks to the 2 split needle bars, it is possible to skip automatically from one needle to the other following the sewing pattern. With the user friendly touch screen panel, it is easy to make any pattern desired, it is also possible to purchase a software program to create the patterns on the PC or send a sketch to our design department and we will make the pattern for you and send it by e-mail. You can download it on a flash memory stick and upload it on the machine. It is possible to store 512 different patterns in the internal memory. Special clamps for your patterns are available on request.