Strobel VTD 410

Strobel VTD 410 EV
The heavy cup feed model VTD 410 EV can stitch even penetration resistant Kevlar soles with a material thickness of 11mm – Even at high speed! A separate “direct” drive ensures that the feed & front cup work to the millimetre. In addition, the differential feed allows this versatile machine to build in an extra 48% of fullness in to the seam as required. This eliminates the pre-gathering-operation. Special equipment for the production of such seams at the “California-Style” will be catered on request.

Table Top

No Table Top, Table top D 105x55x5 cm for Strobel 410


No Stand, Special stand for VTD 410

Motor Set

AB6002 – direct drive set AB600 / DC 1250, Including special software and threading box, No Motor Set, SY01EF – External synchroniser


No special, Assembly and packing costs