Strobel 441-30 / 142-30 N

1 / 2 thread overseaming machines

Strobel 441-30
Single thread overseaming machine. With this sturdy universal overseaming machine, fur facings, can be attached to winter coats and jackets. Heavy furs like lambskin and imitated furs can be sewn or polishing wheels or paint rollers can be closed.

Strobel 142-30 N
Two thread overseaming machine. With this special machine, coated, elastic material (p.e. diving and surfing suits) can be sewn. Please note: before sewing, the joints should be glued to enable the needle to penetrate the folded material and to produce a functional blindstitch.


Strobel 141-30, Strobel 142-30 N

Table Top

No Table Top, Table Top D 105x55x4 cm


No Stand, Stand K (912 mm), Stand K short (667 mm), Stand Z


Small Pedal K, Small Pedal Z

Motor Set

G 60 Servomotor (optional: external synchroniser G series), No Motor Set


External synchroniser G Series, No option