LP 9915

LP 9915 L
– Super high postbed machine (post is 45 cm high) with walking foot and standard hook. Model LP 9915 L
has the hook on the left side of the needle. Machine is designed to sew boots and bags.
LP 9915 R
– Same as above, but with the hook on the right side of the needle.

Table Top

No Table Top, Table Top D 105x55x4 cm


No Stand, Stand K (912 mm), Stand K short (667 mm), Stand Z

Small Pedals

No Pedal, Small Pedal K, Small Pedal Z

Motor Set

DOL (chinese clutchmotor) 220 or 380 V, External synchroniser SY0128, G 60 Servomotor (optional: external synchroniser G series), HH0211 – MH-4-11-220, NS clutchmotor 1400 RPM 220 V, NS clutchmotor 1400 RPM 380 V, Operator panel OP0205 – C200M


External synchroniser G Series, FB II Presser Foot Lifter, No option, Thermical switch 220 V, Thermical switch 380 V