FU 903-95 P
The FU 903-95P is a special extended feed up the arm extra heavy duty long cylinder arm sewing machine with a working space of 950 mm. The machine is standard equipped with pneumatic back tack and a mechanical puller with pneumatic puller lift. This machine is suited to sewing for example: large tubular shapes, golf bags, luggage bags, tents, sails, parachutes, etc. Extra heavy duty stand available.




Table Top

No Table Top, Table top D 75x60x5 cm for WF 9205


No Stand, Special heavy duty cylinder arm stand for FU 903-95 P (China)

Motor Set

External synchroniser SY0128, i90511 – i90-M-4-11-220 (750 W) for heavy duty, No Motor Set


AC0002 – Standing operation pedal SOP-6H3, No option, Operator panel OP0202 – C300M for i90 series