DA 884-150050

DA 884-150050
– Single needle lockstitch, direct drive, postbed machine with wheel feed, needle feed and driven roller presser, for stitching operations in the shoe production with slim post. This post bed machine is perfectly suited for the production of small-sized shoe uppers.

Table Top

No Table Top, Table top D 110x55x4 cm for LP 8870 / DA 887 / DA 888


No Stand, Stand K (912 mm), Stand K short (667 mm), Stand Z

Motor Set

External synchroniser SY0129 (600-29), G 60 Servomotor (optional: external synchroniser G series), i60-4-GL-220, MT0175 – 750 Watt mini motor, No Motor Set, NS clutchmotor 2800 RPM 220 V, NS clutchmotor 2800 RPM 380 V, PU7002 – minimotor pulley straight 65 mm, Synchroniser adapter DA


No option, OP0305 – C210M operator panel

In case of very heavy work

i904ED – i90M-4-ED-220 (750 W) + synchro 600-29 for heavy duty, Synchroniser adapter DA